Our goal is to develop educators, invest in students, and transform the learning environment for better education. 


Our children's books focus on moral and ethical lessons, the guiding principles that provide teachers and parents with the opportunity to have important conversations with their kids.  These are more than just children's books; they help children find their moral courage and build their humility to persevere through difficult times.  They also focus on hard work and dedication to strengthen children's ambitions to pursue their dreams.  Our team is currently leading the Treasure Box Campaign, where proceeds go towards printing thousands of copies of Luke's Treasure Box: A Moral Story for diverse elementary schools and libraries across the country, so children and their families can have access to the book.  

Stay tuned for upcoming book releases!

S. R. Maggs is an educator who specializes in leadership, effective communication, ethical reasoning, critical thinking, and advanced student learning.  S. R. Maggs has coached over 3,000 students and faculty, transforming rigid curricula into student-centric environments for advanced learning.



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